The Cold War Museum Layout     by: Rachel Rothrock                          Full Proposal                    Full Description of each Display       
Key to Displays at the Museum:

1. The Truman Wing
A.The Truman Doctrine Display
B.The Berlin Airlift Display
C.The Marshall Plan Display
D.The NATO Display
E.The Spy vs. Spy Display
F.The Korean War Display

2. The Eisenhower Wing
A.The Brinkmanship/H-Bomb Doctrine Display
B.The Eisenhower Doctrine Display
C.The Space Race /Air Space Display

3. The Kennedy Wing
A.The Bay of Pigs Display
B.The Cuban Missile Crisis Display
C.The Berlin Wall Display

4. The Johnson Wing
A. The Vietnam War Build-up Display

5. The Nixon Wing
A.The Vietnman Under Nixon Display
B.The Nixon Doctrine Display
C.The Keeping the Peace Plan Display
D.The SALT I Display
E.The Detente / Visit to China Display
F.The Peace Is At Hand Display

6. The Ford Wing
A.The Fall of Vietnman Display
B.The Helsinki Accords Display

7. The Carter Wing
A.The Angola Display
B.The Carter Doctrine Display
C.The Detente / SALT II Ends Display

8. The Reagan Wing
A.The Star-Wars Techology Display
B.The Central America/Caribbean Display
C.The Iran Contra Scandal Display
D.The Operation Cyclone Display

9. The Bush Wing
A.The Soviet Domination Ends In E. Europe Display
B.The Wall Comes Down Display
C.The Cold War Ends Display